Who we are

Saporilandia born in June 2013, precisely in Saint Pierre (AO), thanks to the passion for food and the curiosity to know the production processes live.

Much of the summer has been lived in this paradise in the countryside at 1200mt of altitude. The days accompanied by the noises and the sounds of the animals, by the flowing of the streams and by the nocturnal silence. Work the land, go back to our origins, know what is there before the supermarket counters. Discovering a world totally different from the city that has been lived so far.

"Here I had the pleasure of meeting exquisite people, with healthy principles, respectful of the place where we live: the Earth. In addition to working in the fields, I discovered the world of bees and deepened that of aromatic and medicinal herbs. "


Who we are? Hard to say but behind everything is Luca, a 34-year-old boy who has embarked on this journey for passion and who wants to share with you the fruits of this journey. As? offering you refined products, of small artisans but with the great quality dictated by the passion they put into their work. But also organizing tasting events ... so that you can try these delicacies of the Italian food chain.

Saporilandia is not only an e-commerce site but also a journey to discover local traditions, through methods of work and cultivation that characterize the places where the raw materials come from. A journey that took us from the Alps to the Apulian countryside. Discovering other products, other production methods and learning more about the process of olive harvesting and oil production. All this has led us to embark on this journey to discover the Italian flavors and the idea of ​​sharing with you this tasty delicacies.  

Come and discover our entire range of products. Tell us what you think through our social channels. Travel with us to discover the eno-gastronomic Italy. Choose products by Region or among the numerous categories. You will find unique and irresistible products and you will help our small producers to grow with us. All while eating healthy and with high quality products.

We hope that our enthusiasm and resourcefulness, in a socially and economically difficult moment, can give you something good and natural, something healthy ... and at the same time a smile and a pleasant daily moment, we wish you a good gastronomic journey and enjoy your meal.